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Close-up of mother helping her daughter with homework.
Nov 5 - 6, 2022

Good Enough Parenting

With Diana Clark, JD, MA
Close-up of mother helping her daughter with homework.

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What a rocky road parenting has evolved into. Only two generations ago, parents believed that the child’s obligation was to demonstrate their worth and contributions to the family. Today, the ethos around parenting has shifted: a part of being a good parent means being sensitive to our child’s unique challenges and needs.

The pandemic has introduced landscapes never navigated by parents of previous generations. Individuals and families are suffering to maintain connection and support one another through grief, loss, and mourning. Mental health professionals hear about losses ranging from the most severe to everyday losses engendered by change each day.

This four-day workshop at Canyon Ranch Lenox in the Berkshires, led by Diana Clark, JD, MA., renowned family recovery advocate in the field of addiction and mental health treatment, will dive into what defines being a good parent and teach you to how to do that and much more.