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Close-up of woman's back as she walks on trail.
Dec 16 - 19, 2021

Digital Detox Retreat

Close-up of woman's back as she walks on trail.

There’s no question that the digital world we live in is beneficial. But when we’re “always on” or forever “plugged in,” that benefit can easily turn into a detriment. At some point, we all realize that living life one swipe or scroll at a time can make it harder to connect with others and ourselves. Join our experts – Laurel Kidd and Gillian Hood, and Robbie Bogard – from Woodside and Lenox, respectively for a three-day retreat on the art of disconnection and the power it unleashes within. You’ll learn how to effectively detox from an intense digital world, understand the neuroscience of being addicted to technology, enjoy the peace of your own presence while in the redwood forest, then create a plan to unplug whenever you need.