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Mother and son smiling close-up.
Feb 17 - 20, 2022

Build A Stronger Connection with Your Kids

With Jill Avery Henderson
Mother and son smiling close-up.

When our family is in harmony, all feels right in the world. Our families are one of the most important and most precious relationships in our lives. Some children have wonderful relationships with parents. Others have more challenging circumstances that can make being in relationship the most difficult experience in their lives. Learning how to diffuse conflict, soften friction, and create flow in our family is a skill that requires awareness and practice. Our family’s foundation deeply impacts the quality of our lives, so learning how to create healthy, harmonious, and respectful relationships are life skills worth mastering. With Jill’s 30 years of empowerment coaching with teens, young adults, and parents, her Family in Flow program offers some tools and techniques to create flow and diffuse friction, broaden perspectives for a path of peace, and will inspire you to become skilled in managing the flow between you and your children.