Focused Wellness Packages

Ready to explore a health concern? Maybe it’s time to address weight management, a life transition, sleep issues, stress or a fitness reboot. You might train for a marathon or get back to a dream that’s been percolating in your mind for years. You name your interest, and we’ll get our team on it. Your team.

Your focused package will include a bundle of services to fit you perfectly. Choose from topics such as:
Weight Loss | Stress Management | Personalized Medicine | Spiritual Wellness | Pain Reduction | Healthy Aging | Sexuality & Intimacy | Life Transitions | Diabetes Management | Sleep | Mindfulness

Our 7-step approach
Your Optimal You Package is an individual, elevated Canyon Ranch experience. It starts as soon as you choose a focused package – usually when you reserve your stay:

1. The first step is an in-depth phone conversation with your Personal Wellness Advisor, who’s a skilled nurse educator and expert listener. You can talk freely about any concern, intention or path you’d like to explore.

2. Your Personal Wellness Advisor knows every Canyon Ranch professional and will assemble your dream team in advance. These diverse professions share an integrative approach – and each has something important to add to your experience.

3. Before your arrival, your team will meet to strategize the perfect experience for you. They’ll review your overall goals, history and personal preferences. Then they’ll identify the services that would most benefit you. Your Advisor will summarize their advice to help you confirm your schedule.

4. Soon after arriving at the Ranch, you’ll meet individually with your team members. These are usually 50-minute sessions, so you can examine a concern without feeling rushed. Depending on your goals, your team might include a physician, nutritionist, exercise physiologist, behavioral counselor, spiritual wellness expert or other specialists. You could have in-depth consultations, health assessments, lab tests, therapeutic sessions or private instruction.

5. Your team members will stay in touch with each other throughout your stay. If there’s a way to enhance your experience, they’ll make it happen.

6. Follow-up? Of course. With electronic medical records, we’re able to communicate directly with you or your health care providers at home.

Discover all that you can achieve – and just how great you can feel.

It all starts now: 800.742.9000

New Approaches to Weight Management

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4-night stay or longer. Reach and maintain a healthy weight for life Shine a bright light on weight concerns in this concentrated, in-depth program. You’ll benefit from advanced testing and health consultations to assess factors such as body chemistry, food preferences, personality, ...
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