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Women’s Wellness Weekend

Better together, stronger together. Immerse yourself in the company of brilliant, powerful, compassionate women in an experience designed to build you up and re-enter your life with a newfound sense of how to live with intention, health and grace.

During this empowering event, you’ll meet amazing women much like you – and nothing like you – who will become your community for this experience. Our powerhouse Canyon Ranch physicians, life management and spiritual wellness experts will be joined by our top specialists and guest presenter, Heather Ettinger, to make this an experience with lifelong impact.

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Author, Speaker, Founder & CEO of Luma Wealth Advisors Heather Ettinger has been a champion for women and girls for over 30 years. She is widely recognized for her dedication to helping women build their financial acumen and philanthropic legacy, culminating in the founding of Luma Wealth Advisors in 2017. She specializes in helping clients align their resources around their family values to create impact in their communities.


This dynamic program fosters support and camaraderie among women from various professional and personal walks. Together and individually, you’ll delve into topics such as: Women’s Medicine | Sleep | Mindfulness | Nutrition | Balance | Spirituality | Financial Wellness

Building Community
Come together with fellow guests and build your community for the weekend, while gathering around the opening fire ceremony on Thursday evening. Hold space for each other and bear witness to each other’s journeys in this uplifting experience.
Financial Fitness
Women have unique financial needs and challenges that require personalized, respectful and tailored financial solutions for your wealth planning goals. Heather Ettinger offers beneficial insights for financial planning, especially in times of transition.
Women's Wisdom
Canyon Ranch experts in medicine, life management and spiritual wellness offer unique insights and a wealth of knowledge for tapping into your own “inner knowing” as you walk toward your own personal fulfillment.

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