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Unplugged: The Power of Being Present

Do you feel so plugged into your life that you’ve forgotten how to really connect? When things get hectic, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important – you! Guest presenter Kim DeYoung joins Canyon Ranch experts – Jeff Rossman, PhD; JoAnn Levitt; Dan Marko and Outdoor Sports Guides – to guide you to pull the plug on the daily chaos of life, and allow yourself to welcome quiet stillness and find comfort in it.

Inspired by the 30-year LEC experience at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, combining the essential elements of community, championship and curriculum.

Our Special Guest

Learn more about our powerfully dynamic guest presenter, Kim DeYoung.

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The Alchemy of Choice, is about making a choice that matters, taking inspired action and staying alert to notice what unexpected gems show up along the way. DeYoung invites you to be conscious

About Kim DeYoung

Kim DeYoung is a coach, speaker and soon-to-be author who is most inspired by exploring the power and possibility of our choices. Her upcoming book,

of how your life unfolds and what momentum is created because of the choices you make and the actions you take.

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Your Journey

Here's a challenge: Start the process before you arrive. Try not to check your phone during the journey to Lenox – find out how hard (or easy) it really is for you to disconnect. When you arrive, can you leave your phone in your room all day? Or can you make it through your stay without your phone in hand? Join our unique assembly of dynamic experts for four days of learning, moving and refocusing. Discover unplugging opportunities and recommendations to take home. You can do it!

Does being constantly busy give you a sense of accomplishment? Kim DeYoung shares radically grounded insights about designing a life you love by letting go of the addiction to being busy. Get honest with yourself about why you need to check your e-mail, texts or social media accounts every 20 minutes and get to the root of your desire for busy-ness. Kim helps you create a plan for unplugging in just 10 minutes a day.
The struggle to find work-life balance is real. But there’s no more important business than taking care of yourself. Life Management Director Jeff Rossman, PhD and Life Management Coach JoAnn Levitt share skills for bringing mindfulness and meditation into your daily routine. Engage in the ancient practice of Sound Healing or walk the Labyrinth with Spiritual Wellness provider, Dan Marko. And quiz yourself with Rob Falk to learn if a “digital detox” is the remedy for you.
Take in the beauty all around you. Outdoor sports guides lead you in hiking, biking and kayaking. Try a Tai Chi walk or revel in the ancient practice of Japanese forest bathing: Shinrin Yoku. Get centered by trying your hand at archery, or let your creative side shine with an outdoor painting class.
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