Uncovering Recovery

An integrative and in-depth look at addiction and recovery. Celebrate self-renewal with us in a healthful environment and move forward with your highest intentions. This event is designed to remove the stigma from the conversation and open up a dialogue with nationally renowned experts in the field of recovery who will share their own personal stories and expertise.  

Whether you are personally seeking guidance, are looking for insights on how to help a loved one, or want to understand more about the process of recovery, we invite you to join us for this safe and compassionate look at the path of recovery and the place it holds in your life.


Learn about our guiding expert on recovery, Fred Holmquist, below.

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As an educator, lecturer and consultant, opportunities to support a variety of programs have taken him to all regions of the United States, Canada, Mexico, the western Caribbean, Japan, Bermuda, Russia and Switzerland. Fred is known for making a twelve-step based model for understanding the disease of addiction and the spirituality of recovery accessible to professional, family, recovery and lay audiences. He leads with an enthusiasm that references various wisdom texts, world cultures, philosophies, religions and laws of physics.


Fred Holmquist has served the field of addiction services for more than 33 years, 29 of which have been with the Hazelden Foundation in Minnesota and New York City. Previously, he was the director of High Watch Farm in Kent, Connecticut. Founded in 1940 by Bill Wilson and Marty Mann, High Watch Farm was the first twelve-step based facility for alcoholics. Currently, Fred is the director of the Lodge Program at the Dan Anderson Renewal Center on Hazelden’s Center City campus.

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Event Highlights

Join our experts for a compassionate look at the path of recovery and its place in your life.

Daily 12-Step Open Recovery Meetings
Share experiences with fellow guests at daily meetings based on AA principles. Learn about the options of support for you or your loved ones. Applies to all fellowships.
Demystifying the Recovery Journey
Guest speaker Fred Holmquist explains how the 12-step model can help you to overcome any addiction or compulsive behavior on a path to a healthier, happier life.
Lunch & Learn: Mindful Eating
A life management practitioner will lead you through the positive practice of mindful eating, while a demo chef prepares a delicious meal. Learn how intention and gratitude can help you fully enjoy your food – and, leave the table satisfied.
Technology Addiction & Digital Detox
Do your electronic devices control your life? Canyon Ranch 12-Step program leader Rob Falk explores the line between use and abuse of technology. Convenience can easily morph into compulsion – learn how to live with technology in a healthy and mindful way.
Nightly Evening Reflections
Reflect on the day and how it unfolded for you. Share observations with a supportive group, and end the day with serenity.
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