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The Transformative Power of Stillness

The longest and most important relationship you have is the one with yourself. It’s the only relationship that takes you all the way to the finish line. During this unique mindfulness retreat, Dr.’s Rachel Barbanel-Fried and Sarah Sarkis share exactly how our mind, body and brain are interconnected and offer a window on the fascinatingly beautiful practice of stillness.

This unique and deeply grounded approach to mind-body-brain connection gives you hope and inspires you to deepen your connection with yourself.

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Learn more about our guiding experts on the power of stillness, Dr. Rachel Barbanel-Fried and Dr. Sarah Sarkis.

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patients foster insight and access motivation. She has studied extensively the use of mindfulness, functional medicine, hormones, positive psychology and how food, medicine and mood are interconnected. Dr. Sarkis integrates these various modalities to bring you a modern interpretation on how to optimize human potential.

Dr. Rachel Barbanel Fried

Dr. Rachel Barbanel Fried, aka Dr. RBF, is a clinical psychologist, writer, and optimal performance consultant based in Newton Centre, Massachusetts. She consults with executives and organizations looking to elevate

Dr. Sarah Sarkis

Dr. Sarah Sarkis is a licensed psychologist, writer and performance consultant living in Boston. She works with individuals and teams looking to leverage self-awareness, self-regulation and curiosity to create long-standing change in their lives. Dr. Sarkis emphasizes collaboration, partnership, and personal empowerment. She earned her master’s from Boston College and doctorate from George Washington University. Dr. Sarkis approaches psychological growth and change from an integrative perspective, where she blends her strong psychodynamic and insight-oriented training with more traditionally behavioral and mind/body techniques to help

performance and reach new levels of success in the workplace and beyond. She also sees individuals, couples, and families in a therapeutic setting who are looking to move forward towards growth, change, and healing. Dr. RBF utilizes an evidence-based, collaborative approach. She’s direct, down-to-earth, and non-judgmental, specializing in working with people from diverse backgrounds. She is also a peak performance consultant and executive coach.

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Gain tactical strategies for mindfulness and emotional self care to help overcome the effects of these uncertain times, and come out stronger than before.

It's All in Your Head
Explore the Default Mode Network and the power of observation as tools for developing emotional agility, grit and resiliency.
Power of the Unconscious
Using interactive exercises, discover the role of the unconscious in your journey toward self-awareness, compassion and change. Watch it unfold right before your eyes!
Epigenetics & Neuroplasticity
Open the mind to your potential for personal empowerment and psychological growth. Turns out, old dogs can absolutely learn new tricks.
The Psychology of Uncertainty
Fear, chaos and uncertainty can take their toll on your well-being. Learn tools and tactics for mitigating these effects on your body. Take home tips for daily stress relieving practices.

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