Soul Traits & Mystical Practice

Soul Traits & Mystical Practice

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Discover spiritual approaches from ancient traditions to light the path of your soul. Join Canyon Ranch spiritual wellness experts to explore various wells of knowledge and spirituality helping you gain a deeper connection to the source of creation. From mythological archetypes to the Jewish Mussar, Chinese qi gong and the Celtic spirit wheel, delve into practices that enliven the energy of creation within and guide you toward a deeper engagement with life.

Our Canyon Ranch Experts

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Kelly Clady-Giramma, DiplOM, LAc – Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Lenox

Kelly has had extensive clinical training in China, where she lived from 2004–2007 and 2014–2015. She teaches a unique style of qi gong energy exercises by Master Lu in New York. Kelly has published health-related articles in the U.S. and China.

Sarah Vulgamore, MA, MS, NCC – Director of Spiritual Wellness, Lenox

For over 20 years, Sarah has personally explored all aspects of spirituality, gaining first-hand knowledge of meaningful practices. As Spiritual Wellness Director, Sarah deeply values using labyrinths as a powerful tool for transformation, the expressive arts as sacred embodiment of personal meaning, and the reflective balancing of mindfulness and self-compassion in the process of healing.

Dan Marko – Spiritual Wellness Provider, Lenox

During his 24 years as a spiritual wellness counselor, many have noted Dan’s ability to be an insightful assistant on the path of spiritual exploration. His experience includes teaching internationally and developing the Subtle Energy Exploration (SEE) program. Dan also developed webinars and has presented at the Body-Mind Wellness series for Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He loves being outdoors, trail running, cooking, gardening, reading and spending quality time with curious, creative people.

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Event Highlights

Join Canyon Ranch experts for a deep dive into ancient traditions. Learn how to expand your spiritual potential and move toward enlightenment.

Rite of Passage Fire Ritual
Release whatever comes between you and your higher self through this powerful Andean shamanic tradition. Develop a greater connection with all creation.
Create All the Energy You Need from the Inside Out
You are your own best power source. A Chinese medicine practitioner leads you in simple acupressure, qi gong and sound-healing techniques that build inner vitality while reducing fatigue, insomnia, muscle tension and ailments.
Shinrin Yoku
Discover the Japanese practice of shinrin yoku or "forest bathing," absorbing natural serenity and power. Your guide leads you on a slow, intentional walk into the woods to de-stress and reconnect with nature.
Mystical Practices
Build a Peruvian mesa altar to take home and use in your daily spiritual practice. Director of Spiritual Wellness Sarah Vulgamore, MA, MS, NCC, and spiritual wellness provider Dan Marko shed light on healing practices from Eastern, Western and indigenous traditions, leading you on this experiential journey.
Soul Traits
Sarah Vulgamore and Dan Marko explore the core traits of the soul through the lenses of diverse traditions, including the Jewish Mussar, Jungian archetypes and various creation mythologies.
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