Renew Your Fitness

Renew Your Fitness Weekend with Jordan Metzl, MD

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If you’re an aspiring or accomplished endurance athlete, you won’t want to miss this weekend of workouts, education and fun hosted by Jordan Metzl, MD. Dr. Metzl is an author, 35-time marathoner, 14-time Ironman triathlete and nationally renowned sports medicine physician. Dr. Metzl will share his expertise and lead you in challenging exercise classes, as well as presentations about how to take your athletic performance to the next level.

Enjoy an exciting roster of activities and presentations by Dr. Metzl, including highlights from his book, Dr. Jordan Metzl’s Workout Prescription: 10, 20 & 30-Minute High-Intensity Interval Training Workouts for Every Fitness Level:

Renew Your Fitness

About Jordan Metzl, MD

Thirty-five-time marathoner, 14-time Ironman triathlete, award-winning sports medicine physician and author of five best-selling books, Dr. Jordan Metzl returns to Canyon Ranch to share his knowledge and expertise in exercise and physical well-being.

Event Highlights

Join Dr. Jordan Metzl for three days of challenging workouts and inspiring presentations. Take home invaluable knowledge, motivation and strategies to beat your personal best and keep aiming higher! Call to make your reservations for this life-changing experience.

The Ironstrength Workout
Featured on NBC’s Today show and in Runner’s World magazine, this class provides functional strength training for injury prevention, and performance enhancement for athletes of any ability.
Feeding Your Athletic Body
Join Dr. Metzl and watch a Canyon Ranch chef at work! Discover helpful and healthy cooking tips for creating a meal to recharge your batteries.
Yes, Exercise is Medicine
Explore the far-reaching benefits of exercise – whether you’re an intense athlete or just starting a fitness program. Learn how exercise can be used to treat and prevent disease, and how you can maximize your daily dose. Book signing of the best-selling, The Exercise Cure, to follow.
Wake-Up Warm-Up Stretch
A 20-minute standing stretch class – a great way to prepare for the day ahead!
Setting Your Fitness Goals
How do you set the best goal for you? Dr. Metzl shares the keys to designing a successful personal fitness program. His presentation will be based on his book, Dr. Jordan Metzl’s Workout Prescription, which will be available for signing.
Everyone Can Tri
Challenge yourself in this mini-triathlon for all levels. Supported by Dr. Metzl and Ranch experts, complete a ¼-mile swim, a 10-mile stationary cycling ride and a 5k walk or run.
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