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Postcards From Heaven with Maureen Hancock

Experiencing loss can be an overwhelming and transformational process. Join Maureen Hancock, world-renowned spirit medium, teacher, holistic healer, and author, for a weekend of hope, comfort, healing, and recovery.

Across the globe, Maureen’s workshops range from 40 guests to 400. In these uniquely intimate experiences, you’ll find inspiration to open your heart and mind during this healing spiritual retreat. During this retreat, you’ll learn how to tune-in to messages and signs from spirit, reconnect with lost loved ones and find clarity and joy on the other side of grief.

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Maureen Hancock is an internationally known spirit medium, best-selling author, teacher, and television personality. She has spent the last twenty years demystifying the overwhelming subject matter of death and dying. Maureen has taught workshops on holistic healing, as well as intuition for law enforcement, medical professionals, and more.


“We all have the ability to see, feel, and hear spirits when we learn to clear the clutter blocking these connections.” – Maureen Hancock

Postcards From Heaven
Maureen creates the most unique family reunion ever witnessed in this gathering of messages from loved ones in spirit. This upbeat and healing experience will leave you knowing that your loved ones in spirit are still with you. $175 fee; sign up with Program Advising.
Spirit Connection Made Easy
Maureen guides you to open your senses, understand the many signs from spirit, and find joy through grief.
A Place of Healing
The serenity of Canyon Ranch Lenox makes it a natural place for personal reflection and healing. In addition to your intimate workshop with Maureen, explore nurturing, restorative experiences during this spiritual retreat such as: Meditation | Sound Healing | Soul Journey | Contemplative Circle

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