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Pet Communication with Diane Roadcap

A dog’s bark or cat’s meow warns of stranger danger or hunger. What else can our pets tell us? Join renowned pet communicator Diane Roadcap, as she shares wisdom and techniques for enhancing your understanding of your pet. She’ll help you perceive your animal as both teacher and healer and reveal how your pet relates to you.

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Event Highlights

Take home unexpected insights and develop a better understanding of how to communicate with your pets.

Animals as Teachers & Healers
Discuss the roles our pets play, and the lessons they can teach us. Bring a picture of your pet, and Diane will spend a few minutes answering questions about your animals feelings and behaviors.
Did You Know Your Animals are Talking to You?
Our animals are attuned to our emotional core, and are always communicating with us - but are we listening? Discover how your pet is communicating with you.

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