Permission to Rise with Laura Campbell

Permission to Rise with Laura Campbell

When was the last time you asked yourself what you truly want? Maybe you know there is more – more purpose, more love, more passion and more connection; but somehow you just can’t seem to get there. Join Laura Campbell, life transition strategist, leadership development consultant and divorce expert, and embrace a new way of becoming that woman who can handle all that life has to throw at her. Laura discusses the tools you need to lead you to toward joy, peace and freedom.

Event Highlights

Discover your true desires and how to live your best life with Laura Campbell.

Permission to Rise: Become the Person You Are Meant to Be
Do you find yourself disconnected from the dreams you once imagined? Laura Campbell guides you to reconnect to your dreams and rewrite your story.
Launching Strong: Preparing for the New Year
As the year comes to a close, take the time to reflect and look forward. Set a strong foundation and powerful intentions for the year ahead.
No Sudden Movements: Navigate Transition with Intention and Grace
Emotional agility, resilience and intention directly influence how we handle transitions. Laura guides you to expand your emotional intelligence and overcome obstacles.
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