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Moving Through Trauma

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We all react to trauma in different ways, experiencing a range of physical and emotional reactions to life events. Whether on a global level or a personal level, learning to deal with your own stressors while still being able to hold space and be compassionate toward others can feel insurmountable. Come together with fellow guests and integrative professionals to walk toward healing and wholeness at this therapeutic retreat.


Canyon Ranch medical, life management and spiritual wellness experts offer a broader definition of trauma and hold space for you to share your emotions surrounding the challenge of life experiences, free of judgement and fear.

Cultivating Connection
Traumatic experiences often lead to feelings of isolation and judgement. Life management therapists offer tools for creating connection, inside and out, to spark your return to self.
Making Peace with Your Emotions
The flood of emotions that come with trauma, can be overwhelming. This can be even more difficult when you feel defined or controlled by these emotions. Building emotional maturity and fostering healthy relationships sets you on the path of emotional sobriety, recovery, and peace.
The Neuroscience of Trauma & Addiction
Addiction & compulsion have long been misunderstood afflictions. Medical Director, Dr. Cindy Geyer, explains the what, why and how of these complexities and the direct link between trauma and addiction.

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