Mindfulness Training: Transformation Through Practice

How many times did you multitask today? The profound benefits of mindfulness are well known, yet everyday living is filled with distractions. Learn specific skills and practices to cultivate nonjudgmental, present-moment awareness. The emotional, physical and cognitive results can enhance the rest of your life.

During this immersive event, explore diverse facets of mindfulness. Discover how its regular practice applies to all you do – from mindful eating to fitness, focus, sleep, your relationship with nature and feelings of gratitude.

Canyon Ranch experts are bringing you their best thinking and experiential exercises to incorporate mindfulness in your life. It’s a gift you give yourself every day.

Meet the Experts

Teachers. Motivators. Mindfulness advocates.

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JO ANN LEVITT, MA, RN, HTP Life Coach Canyon Ranch Lenox

Using her diverse training as a registered nurse, life coach and certified Healing Touch practitioner, Jo Ann brings the wisdom of the body and the practices of energy healing to her life management work. She teaches meditation and breathing practices, as well as guiding group and individual transformations. She specializes in self-esteem, meditation, relationship, hypnosis and inner journey work.

JEFF ROSSMAN, PHD Life Management Director Canyon Ranch Lenox

Dr. Rossman is dedicated to helping individuals, families, and organizations enhance their health, happiness, relationships, and productivity. His approach is engaging and empowering as he helps people identify and develop their strengths, and provides them with practical, take-home tools and strategies for continued growth and learning. His specialties include stress management, peak performance, biofeedback, meditation, marriage and family relationships, coaching, and family business consultation.

LAWRENCE (LAURIE) CARROLL Yoga-Alliance Certified Instructor

Laurie is passionate about supporting others’ health and fitness - including yours. A native Australian, he grew up as a surfer and long-distance runner, and has completed two 100-mile ultra-marathons. With 10 years of yoga practice and 30 years of meditation, Laurence focuses on how to use the principles of synchronized breathing, conscious movement and recovery as a way to build resilience and vitality.

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Mindfulness Training Highlights

Your intention to be more mindful comes to life here. Learn techniques that bring you into the moment – every moment.

Practice Makes Present
In special presentations and experiential activities, you'll practice techniques to use at home: meditation focused on intentions, nature and sound | mindfulness around food and appetite | mindful approach toward sleep, energy and more
An Integrative Event
An integrative approach adds power and meaning to your experience. You gain cumulative wisdom from areas such as: life management | mind-body practices | spiritual wellness | healing energy | nutrition
Lofty & Down to Earth
Mindfulness elevates the spirit while enhancing the details of daily life. Routine tasks become pleasures and relationships grow richer. You can explore your personal goals in private consultation with a professional.
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