Living in Balance: Nurturing Self

Finding a balance between work and home, family and friends, and caring for others vs. self-care can be a challenge. In searching for balance in every aspect of our lives, it’s easy to become unsteady.

You may feel a greater sense of balance by grounding yourself to Earth’s energy and connecting more deeply with a higher power. By integrating these energies, you can feel more nurtured and fulfilled. Trusting your intuition can help you manifest joy on the path to a more balanced you.


Canyon Ranch experts in spiritual wellness, healing energy and metaphysics will guide you to create a sacred space in which to embrace your inner wisdom, create healthy boundaries and find the source of fire within you. Read about your guiding practitioners below.

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in a multitude of clinical settings for those seeking a greater mind-body connection. Kathi uses Healing Touch to release blocks, activate deficient energy and balance the energy flow through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This process induces a peaceful, relaxed state which engages the body’s natural abilities to heal and cope with life stressors.

Jo Ann Levitt, MA, RN, HTP, Healing Energy Practitioner and Life Coach, guides guests in Spiritual Dialogue and the Soul Journey experience, and frequently presents on topics such as meditation, integrative wellness and spiritual self-discovery. As a certified Healing Touch practitioner, she works to release tension in the body, which can promote healing of both the physical and emotional state. Jo Ann’s warm personality and passion for promoting healing creates an environment of relaxation and ease for anyone in her presence.

Sharon Alpert, MA, LICSW, Life Management Therapist, is a seasoned clinician who has worked extensively with individuals and couples who want to become more connected to themselves and in their relationships. She is particularly interested in helping people identify and remove obstacles that get in the way of living a life of choice and intention. Sharon has taught practitioners about self-awareness, trauma, grief and loss, and navigating life changes. She uses her clinical and personal experience to connect with others who are stumbling and getting back up, as they reach for more and get in position to live out loud.

Kathi Pickett, RN, BNS, MBA, CHTP, Healing Touch Practitioner, has more than 35 years of experience as a registered nurse. She has seen how impactful energy work can be in the healing process. Kathi maintains a regular yoga and meditation practice which keeps her grounded. She uses her skills as a Healing Touch practitioner, along with her well-developed Higher Sense Perception,

Amanda Hohlstein, Healing Energy Practitioner, helps guests return to a purer state of consciousness and self-expression by releasing old energy blocks, negative thought patterns and trauma. She has been on a personal path to “awakening from within” for more than 20 years and has worked in the Berkshires as an animal communicator and intuitive guide since 2002.

Dan Marko, Spiritual Wellness Provider, has spent 24 years offering insightful assistance on the path of spiritual exploration. His experience includes international teaching and development of the Subtle Energy Exploration (SEE) program. Dan has also developed webinars and presented at the Body-Mind Wellness series in 2014–2016 for Mayo Health Systems in La Crosse, WI. He loves being outdoors, trail running, cooking, gardening, reading and spending quality time with curious creative people.

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Event Highlights

Discover ways to achieve a more balanced life through this series of unique presentations and workshops.

The Chakras & Healing Energy
Out of balance? Learn ways to soothe and realign your chakras, and take home tips on how to rebalance your energy field.
Setting Boundaries: How Not to Take on the Weight of the World
Can you sense the unexpressed energy of others or absorb the energy in a room? Learn how to establish safe and healthy boundaries in order to stay centered amidst chaos.
Explore techniques to help reduce stress, increase mindfulness, calm your mind and help your body relax.
Self-Acceptance: Claiming the Richness in Who You Are
Why is it so easy to make a list of things to change instead of embracing our imperfect selves and imperfect lives? Join a life management practitioner for a conversation about reaching for more by accepting what is.
Awaken Your Senses Through Sound, Energy Work & Essential Oils
Restore balance and deepen consciousness as you become immersed in a profoundly therapeutic, vibrational experience that will activate your awareness and transform your body, mind and spirit.
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