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Grief & the Return to Wholeness

The experience of grief is a transformational process. You may come out on the other side as a different person – not less of a person, but a different person.

In this three-day experience, Spiritual Wellness Providers Dan Marko and JoAnn Levitt are joined by experts from life management, healing energy and outdoor sports to share beautiful insights about how to restore yourself to wholeness through love, forgiveness and gratitude. Discover how to embrace aging, daily living and dying well as beautiful stages of life.


Explore that which you have become distant from as a result of grief. Learn how to get it back by honoring yourself as you learn how to give and receive love again.

Nature's Way – Return to Self
Experts in life management, healing energy and creative expression share tools for self-care, stress management and anxiety.
Refuel Your Fire
Dan Marko and JoAnn Levitt lead a restorative fire ceremony and ritual fueled by the intentions of releasing what holds you back. Let go of the past and allow yourself to experience gratitude, generosity and passion.
Moving Through Grief
Using the practices of Yoga, Tai Chi, Shinrin Yoku and Sound Healing, explore ways to eliminate grief from your life. Reconnect with your body as the absence of grief makes space for joy to return.
Choose an expertly designed pathways experience, or build your own.
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