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Finding Your Fitness at Home with Jordan Metzl, MD

Exercise is good for you, but you know that. For the past several months, it may have felt like one obstacle after another in your commitment to stay fit and healthy – no matter where you are in your fitness journey. Spend the weekend with Dr. Jordan Metzl, renowned sports medicine physician. He shares expertise to keep you strong, fit and thriving even if you find yourself out of your usual routine. Gain some clarity in these uncertain times!

Follow Dr. Metzl through the weekend during this unique fitness retreat, with insightful presentations and a fun workout to challenge and invigorate you.

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Thirty-five-time marathoner, 14-time Ironman triathlete, award-winning sports medicine physician and author of five best-selling books, Dr. Jordan Metzl returns to Canyon Ranch to share his knowledge and expertise in exercise and physical well-being.


Get ready for a powerhouse combination of sweat, inspiration and engagement at this inspiring health and fitness retreat. Take home first-hand knowledge, motivation and strategies to beat your personal best and keep aiming higher.

Butt-Kicking Bootcamp with Dr. Metzl
Featured on NBC’s Today show and in Runner’s World magazine, this class provides functional strength training for injury prevention, and performance enhancement for athletes of any ability.
Stay Healthy in Stressful Times: The Role of Exercise in Health
For athletes or beginners, explore how exercise can be effective for the treatment & prevention of disease. Dr. Metzl offers insights for how you can maximize your daily dose, even at home!
Oh My Aching Body: Home Care for Aches, Pains & Sports Injury
Learn to recognize, prevent and fix common injuries, aches and pains that limit activity. Dr. Metzl shares strategies to care for your body and fix problems on your own.

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