Find Your Passion – Live Your Dream with Heather Thomson

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You already know her from The Real Housewives of New York – she’s the relatable, down-to-earth one you’d love for a friend – and now you can spend a few inspiring days with TV personality, entrepreneur and philanthropist Heather Thomson.

Get to know Heather as you share experiences, meals and the kind of conversations that stay with you. Learn how Heather – who’s also a wife, mother, adventurer, designer and all-around amazing person – has achieved so much while keeping mind, body and spirit in balance.

Space is limited for this intimate group, so save your spot now.

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Meet Heather Thomson

Once Heather envisions a goal, she goes after it. Ignoring naysayers, she applies her powerful work ethic and self-discipline to make things happen. Among other achievements, she's been in the fashion world for 25+ years, working with superstars and creating her Yummie clothing line. Because she wears so many hats, you might wonder how she does it all. Good question. Ask her over dinner, in a group chat or while you’re having fun outdoors.

When Great Women Meet

Be part of the synergy as Heather Thomson and other women gather to explore life's possibilities, fly past obstacles and turn dreams into everyday life.

Table Talk
Good conversation is the perfect complement to any great meal. Talk about life. Talk about food (Heather knows nutrition!). Talk with new friends about things that matter.
The Berkshires Effect
Share this beautiful setting for inspiration, exercise and the pure joy of it. Join Heather outdoors for an experience you'll never forget.
Fit Together
Jump into a fitness class that challenges your body and makes your spirit soar. Stretch your limits and take home fresh confidence.
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