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Change your movement, change your life.

Fascia & Movement with PJ O’Clair

Discover ways to pursue a pain-free body, one that moves with ease and responds well to daily activities. You can start by improving your fascia – the sheet of tissue covering muscles and other internal parts – with the help of Ranch experts and special guest PJ O’Clair, Master Instructor for MERRITHEW™ and other movement disciplines.

PJ will share secrets of the strongest athletes and most graceful dancers. Find out how 10-15 minutes a week of strategic exercise can help you feel, move and look better. “It’s not difficult,” she says. “It’s deliberate.” The benefits of fascial training include ease of movement, optimal digestion, restored balance and more. Ranch professionals will add broad perspective on the impact of fascia on overall health.

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PJ O'Clair has been a leader and consultant in the fitness industry for more than 25 years. She specializes in STOTT PILATES®, Total Barre®, Halo® Training, MERRITHEW Fascial Movement and ZEN•GA®. O'Clair is the owner, president and educational director of New England-based Northeast Pilates, a MERRITHEW Licensed Training Center. She is a featured performer and instructor in numerous fitness videos including more than 30 titles with MERRITHEW. O'Clair won the prestigious IDEA Program Director of the Year Award in 2008 and was a finalist in 2007.


Learn about fascia training and discover how incorporating simple practices into your daily routine can help you access your full potential.

Body Bouncing
As we age, we lose elasticity. This effective, yet restorative, workout will teach you simple bouncing techniques to develop more strength and restore the spring-like quality to your connective tissue.
Fascia: Effortless Movement for Longevity
Learn how to move with power and grace in every step you take. Discover techniques that will make you feel better – with longevity.
Fascia-Nating Pilates
Pilates training develops overall core strength, endurance and mobility. Experience new fascial movement variables designed to enhance basic Pilates mat work: bounce, sense, expand and hydrate.
Mindfulness Training – Building the Fascia in the Brain
The mind is a powerful tool. Learn about the fascial connections in your brain and how specific mindfulness training can enhance brain activity.

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