Boost Your Brain Power

Loss of acuity with age is not inevitable. Canyon Ranch integrative health professionals and experts from a wide range of disciplines will explain the latest research on the brain and describe strategies for keeping your memory, attention and problem-solving abilities vibrant through the years.

In a series of presentations and experiential sessions about brain health, aging, sleep, nutrition, exercise and stress reduction, you’ll learn about the relationship between lifestyle and mental function, and explore effective relaxation techniques, mood-shifting exercises, cognitive tools and much more. Find out how to keep your mind fit and flexible at any age.

Richard Carmona, MD, MPH, FACS, Canyon Ranch Chief of Health Innovation, 17th Surgeon General of the United States and author of Canyon Ranch 30 Days to a Better Brainwill share his expertise in a keynote presentation.


Focused classes, fitness activities and interactive experiences geared toward keeping your brain in top form.

Day by Day
Many factors contribute to brain health. Our experts in medicine and lifestyle share the latest research and strategies for stress reduction, sleep and daily habits that can affect brain function.
Food for Thought
Learn about the surprising gut-brain connection, and discover which foods can help keep your brain functioning at its best.
Think Fit
Fitness and brain health are related. Join our experts in engaging fitness classes and presentations and learn about the many benefits of exercise for your brain.
30 Days to a Better Brain
Our guest expert, Dr. Richard Carmona, gives practical advice about optimizing brain function and discusses his book, 30 Days to a Better Brain. Book signing will follow.
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