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Boost Your Brain Power

Loss of acuity with age is not inevitable. Canyon Ranch integrative health professionals, joined by guest expert, Lee Schwamm, MD, explain the latest research on the brain and share strategies for keeping your memory, attention and problem-solving abilities vibrant through the years.

Explore a series of presentations at this wellness retreat about brain health, sleep, nutrition, exercise and stress reduction and discover effective relaxation techniques, mood-shifting exercises and cognitive tools to keep your mind fit and flexible at any age.

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Dr. Schwamm is Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and holds the C. Miller Fisher Chair of Vascular Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he is also Executive Vice Chairman of Neurology, Director of the Comprehensive Stroke Center and the Center for TeleHealth.


A comprehensive overview from experts in medicine, life management, nutrition and exercise physiology focused on keeping your brain in top form.

A Cocktail For Brain Health
Guest expert, Dr. Lee Schwamm, shares insights for preserving brain health along with valuable information about stroke prevention and recovery.
Food For Thought
Learn about the surprising gut-brain connection, and discover which foods can help keep your brain functioning at its peak performance.
Think Fit
As with all aspects of wellness and anti-aging, exercise plays a vital role in brain health. Jump into invigorating classes, hike the trails and discuss with an exercise physiologist about the many benefits of exercise for your brain.

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