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Headshot of Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Kuster, MBA, MPP at Canyon Ranch
Leadership Team

Jeff Kuster

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Kuster, MBA, MPP at Canyon Ranch

With CEO Jeff Kuster at the helm, Canyon Ranch remains a respected leader at the forefront of the wellness industry. Harnessing more than 30 years of global experience – many of which have been spent improving the health and wellbeing of others – he brings a proven track record of success rooted in transformational leadership, wellness expertise and first-class hospitality.

Selected Highlights

The University of Chicago, MBA, MPP

Beloit College, BA

Jeff Kuster guides the executive team at Canyon Ranch after spending many years in leadership positions across the global health, wellness and lifestyle industries. With more than 30 years of experience, he has developed an acute understanding of people’s most integral wants and needs, today leveraging this unique expertise to create profound, one-of-a-kind experiences for guests at Canyon Ranch.

Before joining the company, Jeff dedicated his career to improving global communities through organizations such as the Peace Corps in West Africa and Doctors Without Borders in Romania. During his time with the Peace Corps, he served as a rural development volunteer in a rainforest village in Guinea, assisting with critical health and sanitation projects, as well as the betterment of refugee camps along the border. While in Romania, he worked with orphanages, family planning clinics and a number of communities on health and sanitation. Together, these experiences helped shape his extraordinary outlook, expertise and passion for the wellness industry.

Jeff’s experience has spanned other areas as well, including high-end fashion and management consulting, with senior positions held at McKinsey & Company and Ralph Lauren Corporation, where he most recently served as the Group President of North America.

After spending a life-changing week at the Life Enhancement Center in Tucson, Jeff formed a deep connection with the Canyon Ranch brand, identifying with the team’s philosophy of healthy living, serious wellness and quality experiences.

About his LEC week, Jeff says, “The unexpectedly profound and meaningful experience served as the catalyst for my interest in joining the company. I am drawn to iconic organizations that have the power to transform lives and am honored to partner with this amazing team and the brand’s dedicated ownership to create the next chapter of evolution and growth.”

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