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How It Works

You can easily book your services online. Enjoy choosing among the many exceptional spa and wellness services.

Book online or call (702) 414-3610 to schedule your visit.

FusioneticsĀ® Movement Analysis

Fusionetics lowers risk for musculoskeletal injury with a movement analysis followed by recommendations to improve movement patterns for all activities/work life and play.

In-Room Personal Training

Meet with some of the most experienced and highly credentialed fitness experts in Las Vegas directly in your hotel suite at The Venetian.

In-Room Yoga

Want a relaxing yoga class in Las Vegas? Meet with a highly credentialed yoga teacher directly in the comfort of your hotel suite at the Venetian.

Indoor Cycling

Challenge your strength and endurance in an interval-focused class riding a bike that leans like you're on the open road.

Isometric Strength Training

Get back into action by experiencing this amazing form of resistance training that prevents injuries and speeds up rehabilitation from existing injuries. Take the challenge.

Percussion Self Recovery

Relieve muscle soreness and stiffness with percussion technology, that also improves range of motion, promotes better circulation.

Personal Training

Your unique body calls for a personalized workout plan. Our personal trainers have the experience to tailor workouts to suit your needs, goals, and preferences.

Private Pilates

Get stronger, leaner, and more flexible with private sessions designed by experts to optimize fitness levels for athletes, beginners, or those recovering from injuries.

Rock Wall

Challenge your body and spirit by climbing our 40-foot indoor rock wall. Shoes and helmets are provided.

Run The Strip

Enjoy an invigorating morning walk/jog along Las Vegas Blvd. with one of our professional fitness instructors.

Salt Grotto Yoga

Experience vinyasa flow yoga inside the slightly heated Salt Grotto that will increase flexibility, ease joints, and detoxify the body.