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Headshot of Jo Ann Levitt, MA, RN, HTP at Canyon Ranch Lenox
Team / Lenox, MA

Jo Ann Levitt

MA, RN, HTP, Spiritual Wellness Provider

Headshot of Jo Ann Levitt, MA, RN, HTP at Canyon Ranch Lenox

A trained yoga and meditation teacher, Jo Anne guides diverse group and individual transformative experiences, and has been instrumental in the development of new services, lectures, and offerings in Life Management, Energy Healing, and Spiritual Wellness.

Selected Highlights

Author of six relationship and spiritual wellness books

In her twenty-one-year career at Canyon Ranch, Jo Ann’s diverse training as a Registered Nurse, Life Management Coach and Healing Touch Practitioner led to the creation of highly customized and intuitive work via our Spirituality services. Author and co-author of six books, Jo Ann is most inspired by the creativity, collaboration, and true sense of community among our providers and practitioners.

“Nowhere else would you find staff walking our talk; practicing the principles we espouse, reinforcing our commitment and our connection to each other. That accounts for our longevity: we’re constantly receiving as well as sharing the great benefits that are part of the Canyon Ranch Wellness agenda.”

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