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Headshot of Eric Alikpala, MA, MS at Canyon Ranch Tucson
Team / Tucson, AZ

Eric Alikpala

MA, MS, Performance Scientist

Headshot of Eric Alikpala, MA, MS at Canyon Ranch Tucson

Eric is committed to helping our guests achieve their goals, whether they’re trying to heal from an injury, improve athletic performance, or increase mobility. He specializes in aquatic therapy and rehabilitation, endurance training, and developing exercise prescriptions to promote healthy aging, treat chronic disease, and address joint limitations.

Selected Highlights

MA in Health and Physical Education/Fitness, San Diego State University
MS in Physiological Sciences, University of Arizona
Master Certified in the Burdenko Method, Burdenko Institute
R-phase Certified, Z-Health Performance Solutions
Certified Aquatic Therapist
Certified Personal Trainer

Eric originally set out to be a bioengineer, but soon after completing his Bachelor of Science in applied mechanics, he decided to turn his passion for fitness into a career. He started by completing one master’s degree in physical education and a second in physiological sciences.

From there, Eric joined the Canyon Ranch exercise physiology team, where he has worked for nearly 30 years. Certified as an aquatic therapist, personal trainer, and Burdenko Method Land and Water therapist, Eric is always on the lookout for new modalities that can help improve guests’ functionality. He is continuing his education through ongoing training with Z-Health Performance Solutions, which offers neurologically based rehabilitation and performance training programs.

When he’s not at the Ranch, Eric enjoys spending his free time being active outside with his family, or training for his next triathlon.

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