Women’s Health & Wellness Summit

Event Date:

April 22, 2018 - April 29, 2018

Join other women and Canyon Ranch physicians – from both Tucson, Arizona, and Lenox, Massachusetts – for an empowering, in-depth wellness experience. Together, you’ll examine physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges and opportunities related to health, aging and relationships within the Life Enhancement Center®. Professionals in nutrition, integrative medicine, exercise physiology, life management and spiritual wellness will help you develop practical tools for pursuing optimal health and wellness.

In a supportive community of women who share your focus, you’ll feel comfortable and energized. The group dynamics and camaraderie add even greater meaning to an unforgettable week. During this immersive program, you’ll discover effective strategies for juggling commitments, managing stress, embracing healthier lifestyle choices and finding balance in everyday life. This is a chance to delve into health issues that particularly concern women, and share insights with people who understand.

The week is led by Diane Downing, MD, and Nicola Finley, MD, of Canyon Ranch Tucson, and Cynthia Geyer, MD, and Tereza Hubkova, MD, of Canyon Ranch Lenox. This powerhouse team combines vast experience in lifestyle medicine with personal specialties in areas such as cardiovascular health, nutrition, energy medicine, spirituality in medicine, menopause, osteoporosis, botanicals, sleep, weight loss, hormones and brain function.

women talking at canyon ranch tucson arizonaEngaging professional presentations will cover a wide range of topics.

Just a sample includes: Breasts, Bones & Hormones; Cardio-Metabolic Health – the Heart of the Matter; Posture & Balance; A Good Night’s Sleep; Removing Barriers: Quiet Those Inner Saboteurs; Probiotics; Understanding the Microbiome; Healthy Digestion; Creative Arts. In a special presentation, an expert will explain the science-based skin care approach of CR aesthetics™.

This event is ideal if you:

  • seek to gain knowledge and understanding about your health and wellness.
  • would like to establish healthier habits regarding nutrition, exercise, stress management and spirituality.
  • are a solo traveler, or want to spend quality time together with your mother, daughter, sister or girlfriend.
  • are a past guest looking for a new adventure or wishing to enhance your Canyon Ranch experience.

Take home expanded awareness, practical wisdom and renewed optimism. As a woman. As you.

Call 800.742.9000 to make your reservations for this life-changing experience. Space is limited. The fee for all weekly programs at the Life Enhancement Center® is $500 above your package rate.

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