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Weight Loss

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January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017

An Expert-Designed Program for Lifelong Healthy Weight

For a weight-loss program to be successful, it must combine safe, time-tested principles with awareness of your body chemistry, food and lifestyle preferences, emotional history and physiology. That’s why, at Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort at Kaplankaya, we believe an individualized program is essential for success.

When you choose a Weight Loss Focused Stay, you’ll relax in a beautiful resort setting where caring professionals will take the time to understand your needs. Your personalized program will begin working for you here, and continue working long after you return home. In addition, it will refresh and restore your body and mind while motivating you to reach new fitness goals.

Weight Loss Focused Stay options

  • 4-day minimum stay – essential for laying out core program components.
  • Essential 7-day stay – provides time for testing, activities, and personal exploration.
  • 14- or 21-day stay – builds upon the “essential” program to fine-tune individualized plans that help achieve a long-term healthy weight.

7 Day Weight Loss Program* 6,050.00 ₺
14 Day Weight Loss Program* 7,710.00 ₺
21 Day Weight Loss Program* 9,370.00 ₺

Your Focused Stay package price is in addition to the cost of your resort stay.

Group activities

Canyon Ranch at Kaplankaya provides multiple daily group activities including hiking, swimming, yoga, Pilates, water sports and more. Wellness presentations include Stress Management, Sleep Healthy, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation and Optimal Living.

Your Weight Loss Focused Stay includes:

Program Overview & Intake with Nurse

Prior to arrival, you’ll receive a phone call to discuss your medical history and explain the program. By partaking in this in advance, you’ll be prepared to get started immediately upon arrival. 25 minutes.

Optimal Health Consultation
After reviewing your medical history and performing an exam, a physician will discuss options for specialized testing to understand your weight-loss goals for optimal health, and will set a personalized strategy to reach for them. Please bring medical records, especially those completed in the last year.* 50 minutes.

Comprehensive Exercise Assessment (BOD-POD test included)
This 2-part assessment evaluates aerobic fitness levels to create a customized exercise program.
Part I – fitness test. 50 minutes.
Part II – results and exercise program design. 50 minutes.

Nutritionist Consultation
A 2-part consultation provides nutrition strategies for achieving and sustaining a healthy weight. Your weight may also influence risk factors for certain diseases.
Part I – A nutritionist assesses your weight history, current diet, eating patterns, lifestyle factors and health issues. 50 minutes.
Part II – You and your nutritionist will work together to develop your personalized eating plan. 50 minutes.

Coaching for Optimal Lifestyle
A psychologist and/or physician works with you to explore heath goals while setting a realistic plan for success. 50 minutes.

Wrap-Up Session
Meet with a doctor to discuss next steps toward achieving optimal health and weight goals. 25 minutes.

Follow-Up Phone Consultation
Upon returning home, a follow-up consultation will take place with a practitioner from your stay. 25 minutes.

Beyond the first week, each additional week will include:

  • BOD-POD body composition test (25 minutes)
  • Nutritionist consultation (50 minutes)
  • Physician consultation (25 minutes)

About Canyon Ranch Medicine

Since Canyon Ranch® opened its doors in 1979, we have embraced an integrative approach to wellness, bringing together professionals in various disciplines to help you achieve your goals, create greater balance in your life and feel your very best.

Canyon Ranch Medicine is a new paradigm of health care, best described as personalized, integrative medicine. Our physicians are here to care for you, take the time to fully understand your current state of health, and help you live a longer, fuller life by understanding your personal needs and desires, and combining the best of Western medicine with alternative therapies from around the world.

For more information, please click the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of this page.

*Additional screenings (at an additional cost) may be recommended during your initial consultation to establish your baseline health status.


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