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Relax the Mind


Explore the benefits of hypnotherapy. During your session, you will experience physical and mental relaxation and receive suggestions on how to make transformations in a variety of topics, including sleep improvement.

Put It To Rest

Medical Sleep Disorders

Effective rest is essential for your physical health. Discuss the nature of your insomnia or sleep problems with a physician and receive recommendations on diagnostic and treatment options.

Balance Your Chi


Balance your body's chi and stimulate the body's energy and relaxation through this traditional Chinese therapy, which addresses problems such as lethargy, trouble sleeping and more.

Catch Zzzs

All-Night Sleep Study

Spend the night in the Canyon Ranch® sleep lab (which includes all the comforts of our resort rooms) while an overnight sleep study is performed. A physician board-certified as a sleep specialist will review the results with you and make recommendations for better sleep at home.

Power To The Chakras

Therapeutic Energy

Enhance the natural healing process of body, mind and spirit by influencing the chakras and the human energy field. This holistic, energy-based therapy is known to improve sleep disturbances, fatigue, pain or chronic illness, and more.

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