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Gait Analysis

First things first – optimize every pedal push and 5k step. Expert analysis and custom insoles improve movement.



Journey from Mount Lemmon’s cactus-spotted base to its pine tree-filled peak. Hike through the forest and step into cool streams. Yup, you’re still in the Sonoran Desert.


Post-swim in the saltwater pool next to the Double U Cafe, refuel poolside. Glazed salmon and fresh veggies keep energy steady for part two of the day.

Sunset bike ride

As the sun dips lower, you pedal farther. Curve left and right on a trail through towering saguaros beneath an Arizona sky. It’s called the magic hour for a reason.

Deep-Tissue Massage

The reward for your “no pain no gain” day: a much-deserved massage at our luxury spa. Kneading helps muscles recover for an action-packed tomorrow – but this one isn’t over yet.

Night-Vision Goggles Experience

Scour the desert for nocturnal creatures under a canopy of stars. Endless sky, endless opportunity.

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