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Upgrade powdered doughnuts, dull coffee and processed orange juice with a spread from CR CREĀT. Dig into scones, fresh fruit – such as grapefruit with mint, honey and pistachio – and bagels with infused creām cheese (including caramelized onion and thyme). High-end, thoughtfully sourced coffee beans and eight options for creamer fuel your team forward. For a sit-down, collaborative breakfast, consider ™Canyon Ranch Grill


The next big thing doesn’t come from doing what you’ve always done. Incorporate innovative practices into your agenda to see how intentional intermissions can lead to epiphany. Mindful Breaks are Canyon Ranch expert-led meditation sessions that stimulate new ways of thinking, while Fit Breaks – such as yoga or assisted stretching – clear your mind to make way for new ideas.


Build teamwork through climbing and belaying on our 40-foot rock wall, a challenge that builds cooperation within your corporation. Or, run with a personal trainer on the Strip (aka: Las Vegas Boulevard) – sights and sounds keep you energized and moving forward.


Bring Canyon Ranch spa + fitness wherever you are. Massage therapists relieve and re-energize retreat attendees with chair massages – seated massages that target areas including the lower back, shoulders and neck. Better yet: Head to the spa to pick from several signature massages, with benefits ranging from sole rejuvenation to deeper sleep.


Encourage a work/life balance with exclusive access to Canyon Ranch spa + fitness. Private group options include early open and late close hours, private group exercise classes and the option to reserve the entire facility for complete access to spa, fitness, wellness and beauty offerings.

Choose expertly designed experience pathways, or build your own.
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