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  • 3 Things to Know About Supplementation
    It’s buyer beware when it comes to bottled nutrients. Here’s how to choose wisely
  • Vitamin B12: A Healing Nutrient Profile
    This vitamin helps make your blood and keeps your neurological system healthy
  • Vitamin B6: A Healing Nutrient Profile
    This nutrient helps keep your blood sugar stable, contributes to a strong immune system ...
  • Magnesium: A Healing Nutrient Profile
    This mineral helps maintain your bones, control your blood pressure and more
  • Selenium: A Healing Nutrient Profile
    This antioxidant found mainly in meat may protect against cancer, heart disease and more
  • Chromium: A Healing Nutrient Profile
    This essential mineral helps the hormone insulin do its job
  • Zinc: A Healing Nutrient Profile
    Leave it to this powerhouse mineral to keep your immune system (and practically ...
  • Potassium: A Healing Nutrient Profile
    If you want your body’s water balance and blood pressure to stay on track, you need ...
  • Beta-carotene: A Healing Nutrient Profile
    The vibrant orange pigment in carrots and sweet potatoes does a lot more than keep our ...
  • Folate: A Healing Nutrient Profile
    This B vitamin helps our bodies make healthy cells and prevents birth defects
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