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Fitness Q & A
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  • How Do I Use a Foam Roller?
    A simple tool for improve blood flow and the health of your muscle tissue
  • Is It Possible to Be Fit and Fat?
    BMI is crucial to determining physical fitness, despite what the scale says
  • How Often Do I Need to Work Out?
    Baseline recommendations that everyone can follow to achieve good health
  • How Should I Dress for a Cold-Weather Workout?
    With the right attire, you don't have to give up your outdoor workouts
  • What Should I Eat Before My Workout?
    Learn what to eat before a workout to maximize your efforts
  • How Do I Choose a Fitness Goal That’s Right for Me?
    When setting your goal, it pays to be S.M.A.R.T
  • How Can I Burn More Calories When I Exercise?
    Q: I need to up my calorie burn. What can I do to get better results from my workout? A: ...
  • Can I Still Work Out While Recovering from an Illness or ...
    Q: I never like to derail my fitness routine, even when I’m sick or injured. Is it OK ...
  • Which Exercises Will Help Me Lose Belly Fat?
    Do those "whittle your middle" exercises really work, or are they empty promises?
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