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  • Natural Remedies for Menopause Symptoms
    Menopause can be a challenging time, but some lifestyle choices can help ease the ...
  • The Better-Health Benefits of Massage Therapy
    These techniques can do far more than leave you feeling relaxed and pampered
  • 6 Sleep Strategies You Haven’t Tried
    No-drug options to help you get the rest you need
  • 8 Steps to a Healthy Heart
    Try these proven strategies to keep your heart strong
  • Start Running for Better Health
    Transform your walk to a jog—and reap the rewards
  • Learning How to Be a Good Listener
    Paying more attention to the words and gestures of others can help strengthen your ...
  • Healing and the Role of Prayer
    The surprising health benefits—both emotional and physical—that prayer can offer.
  • What’s Your Exercise Personality?
    You’re more likely to stick with an activity that fits your style
  • Explore Yoga for Better Health
    From quiet, relaxing poses to sweaty, heart-pumping workouts, there’s a style of yoga ...
  • Bicycling for Health
    Pedal away for a stronger, healthier body
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