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8 Ways to Reach Your Healthy Weight and Stay There

Find out if you’re doing all that you can to achieve your goals
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10 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Do what you can to keep your body's natural defense strong
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Massage for Pain Relief

Learn which type of rubdown is best for what’s hurting you
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Managing Seasonal Lows

If you suffer from winter sadness, try these ways to lift your spirits
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Spirituality & Your Health: A Q&A with Dr. Finley

Nurturing this connection can support your wellness journey in powerful ways
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11 Stress Relievers for a Healthier Brain

Sound strategies for managing negative thoughts and supporting positive brain changes
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The Big Benefits of Losing Small Amounts of Weight

You'll reap rewards even before you reach your ultimate goal
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15 Things You Can Do to Live Longer

Do what you can to maximize your odds for a longer and healthier life
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7 Myths About Drinking

Learning the truth about alcohol can help you make healthier choices
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Small Changes, Big Difference

They may seem insignificant, but these minor tweaks can lead to huge health payoffs
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11 Surprising (Natural) Ways to Relieve Pain

Effective pain solutions that don't require a prescription
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How Sleep Affects Your Weight

How improving your slumber habits can help you shed body fat and control your appetite
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Your Guide to Acupuncture, Herbs, Reiki and More

7 integrative therapies that are worth considering
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Feel Better After Your Workout

Soreness is a normal part of building strength, but you can effectively ease the pain
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A Perfect Day of Brain Health

Our holistic approach to staying sharp starts the moment you wake up and lasts all day
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