6 Simple Ways to Slip Away From Stress

It’s not unusual to feel stress. Stress surrounds us. We see it on faces, hear it in the news and feel it in our bodies. And, often times, if we aren’t actively “stressed” in the workplace or overly busied in the home, we might consider ourselves, or be considered by others, to be slackers.

This notion of stress playing a part in productivity is something we must resist. It’s a faulty belief that you can easily replace with a more balanced approach to doing and being.

And, it’s actually quite intuitive and fun to do.

Ridding your days of unnecessary stress doesn’t require massive change or expensive supplies. You can start with these 6 tips and, once you’ve put them into play, you’ll experience a more balanced, stress-free and healthy life.

1. Make rest a requirement.

Sleep helps the brain handle everything from daily tasks to unexpected emergencies, travel and children with more ease. Ample sleep also mitigates irritability, impatience and moodiness – which all contribute to the feeling of being “stressed”. In a nutshell, when you get proper rest you’ll feel less stressed.

2. Take a break and chill.

Taking the time to step away from your surroundings to relax is just as important as any other daily activity. Busy day’s merit peace and quiet and short purposely scheduled breaks can offer just that.

3. Lighten up.

Create the habit of lightheartedness. Weave fun into your everyday and watch stress absolutely diminish. Make it a point to memorize jokes and share laughs with friends. Because, truly, comedy is the new cool.

4. Seek out support.

Talk with a friend, cuddle a pet or make an appointment with a pro. Find the people who make you feel well, alive and supported and share your feelings with them. Go ahead, express yourself, and get that stress right off your chest.

5. Get crackin’. Eat an egg or two.

Eating a nutrient dense whole food diet that includes eggs, vegetables, poultry and nuts helps the body fight stress. Good nutrition boosts immunity that stress tries to zap. When you take good care of yourself and feed yourself properly you’ll be better prepared to handle stressful situations and manage stressful tasks.

6. To thine own self be true.

Empower yourself by learning how to say “no.” Listen to your inner voice and learn to recognize what activities serve you and what activities deplete and stress you. Exercise your right to say “yes” or “no”. This doesn’t mean you’re selfish – it simply means you’re responsible.

At Canyon Ranch you can partner with our caring professionals and really learn how to live a life in balance. Plan your stay around your wellness goals and experience just how great it feels to become informed, empowered and invigorated. Schedule in a sleep study, make a date with a nutritionist, melt into meditation and decide on transformational wellness. Because you deserve to come first.