Whole Beauty Is…Using Your Voice

date: March 18, 2014

Most of the time, we don’t consider the words we speak to be beautiful. After all, we say quite a lot over the course of a day, much of which may seem mundane or not otherwise worth reflecting on. But sharing our opinions, ideas, observations and so on is a big part of who we are as individuals. Speaking up not only prompts people to listen, but it also says, This is who I am. I have good ideas. I’m grateful. I’m happy. I’m engaged in life. And those sentiments are expressions of your inner beauty—elements of what make you the complete, gorgeous person you are.

It can be as simple as telling a friend, “Your hair looks great,” or telling your neighbor, “I’ll look after your dog while you’re away,” or even noting to a fellow commuter, “Aren’t the clouds incredible today?” Or it can mean speaking up about something that’s bothering you or expressing your viewpoint during a conflict in a compassionate way. Using your voice is one of your greatest tools for connecting with others and showing what lies within.

Whether you’re shy or more open to sharing your thoughts and opinions with others, here are a few ways to express yourself so that everyone around you can see the unique and beautiful ways you view the world:

Share an idea at work. Some days, it’s easy to pipe up at the office. On others, it may feel more challenging, particularly if you’d like to make an unsolicited comment. But being vocal about an idea you have or solution to a problem helps your colleagues see that you’re interested and engaged in your work. Essentially, you’re sharing your creativity and motivation. What’s more, you’ll likely feel great after speaking your mind.

Pay someone a compliment. If you have a nice thought about someone, share it. Seeing the good in people and situations and expressing those feelings lets others see your kindness and generosity.

Express your gratitude. Just as passing along a compliment helps others see your true self, so does simply saying “thank you.” Sometimes, acknowledging your thanks is a more private practice, like keeping a gratitude journal; other times, it’s shown by giving a gift or writing a formal note. But in most cases, saying those three powerful words goes a long way toward showing your appreciation.

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