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Whole Beauty Is…Making “Someday” Today

We all have a “someday” list—things we hope to do eventually, which typically also means those we put off because they require more time or money than we might have. Someday I’ll go to Paris. Someday I’ll renovate my home office. Someday I’ll volunteer for that charity I love.

The desire for things we want to try, see and experience is driven by an internal need, and actually making those wishes real can contribute to our happiness and fulfillment. If you’re able to focus on larger goals today you’re showing your confidence, drive and willingness to give your dreams the attention they deserve. You’re saying, These wishes are a part of who I am, and a part of my soul that I need to listen to.

Though some goals may require more effort to put into action than others, taking small steps now sets things in motion, bringing you closer to making your wishes a reality.

Try these tips to move your goals that much closer to your “today” list:

Pick your #1 “someday” wish. What’s the goal you daydream most about? The one that really excites you? Isolate it—in your mind or on a piece of paper; make it the screensaver on your computer. This doesn’t mean other dreams aren’t important, but when it comes to bigger hopes, focusing on one at a time is a more reasonable approach to making it happen sooner rather than later. This is your starting point and a way of recognizing that this one desire will be a priority in your life right now.

Carve out time to take action. You’ve made the commitment to yourself. Now, by making time in your schedule, you can take it a step further. Speak to a travel agent about places to stay in Paris, read about volunteer opportunities on the charity’s website, browse the home improvement store. You don’t have to sign up for anything right away, but get the information, think it over and plan to make a decision in the near future (you can remind yourself by setting an appointment in your calendar or a text alert on your phone).

Make lifestyle changes. Once you’ve started your research, making small adjustments to your daily life can prepare you for when you’re ready to book that trip or spend one Saturday a month volunteering. Put the money you usually spend on an afternoon latte into the vacation jar, start running errands on a different day so you can paint the office, begin walking more to transition into training once you’ve signed up for your first 5K. Little changes can help you make bigger strides than you may realize. Before you know it, you’ll be adding another “someday” idea to the “today” list.

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