Transition Your Beauty Routine Into Fall

Chalk it up to that familiar back-to-school feeling (even if you’ve long since graduated): The arrival of fall always feels like a chance to start over. There’s something about the changing seasons that makes it a natural time to become a little more mindful about your habits, including those that are part of your beauty routine. You may choose to add more color or update the makeup you’re using, or you may actually need to make a switch to products more appropriate for the changing weather. If autumn has come and you need a beauty refresher, these expert tips can help.

If you want to bust out of a beauty rut:  Treat yourself to a few new beauty and skin-care products. That could mean swapping a light summery scent (think cucumber, citrus, grass) for a richer, earthy fall fragrance (warming spices like clove and cinnamon, or musk, for example). For nails, it may be time to exchange summer’s bright pinks and corals for more bronze and rusty-orange picks that take their inspiration from changing autumn leaves. If you usually use a shower gel, try a sugar scrub, a terrific exfoliant to get smoother skin, but gentler than a salt scrub (you’ll want to retain as much of your skin’s moisture now as you can). Or simply ask a friend or two about her favorite products and try a couple. If you’re feeling extra-bold, talk to a new hairstylist for a different perspective on your cut or color.

If you live in a place where fall means much cooler temperatures:  Colder air often means drier air. Combine that with indoor heat and you’ve got a recipe for sapping skin’s natural moisture. Now’s the time to switch from lighter summer skin products to thicker moisturizers for both face and body. Look for ones that include hyaluronic acid (for your face) or shea butter or natural oils (for your body); both ingredients  seal in moisture without feeling heavy. Nails can feel dry now, too, especially if you’ve spent the summer dipping in a chlorinated pool or salty seawater, so apply a cuticle oil to bare nails before bed. If your hair feels parched, try a deep conditioner in the shower and a leave-in hair treatment (one with Moroccan oil is a particularly good choice) to restore moisture and shine. For makeup, skip powder formulas that can look ghostly on drier skin; instead, use cream formulas for blush, eyeshadow and bronzer. And remember that applying sunscreen daily should be a year-round habit, not just something for sunnier days.

If your schedule picks up when summer ends:  Goodbye, summer vacation; hello, shorter days and mile-long to-do lists. You can simplify your beauty routine by choosing a few multi-tasking products that save time:  For instance, use a cleansing oil to wash your face and you won’t also need a separate makeup remover. A pretty, rosy cheek stain can work as both blush and lip color, and a tinted moisturizer offers skin coverage, sunscreen and even anti-aging antioxidants in one tube. For hair, you can also buy yourself another day—maybe even two—of relief from the time-draining shampoo-condition-blowdry routine by spritzing hair with dry shampoo at the roots. And if you don’t have time to stop into the salon every week or two for a manicure, choose a very pale-pink or nude polish, so chips are less noticeable.

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