For centuries, people have turned to meditation to quiet the mind and soothe the soul, but there may be even more concrete health benefits to this ancient practice. Scientific interest in the health benefits of meditation continues to grow, with studies pointing to improvements not only in stress...


When we talk about mindfulness, we often refer to the technique used in meditation—a focus on the breath or the repetition of a mantra—to remain still, quiet the mind and allow thoughts and distractions to pass by without attaching feelings to them. It’s a skill that can take a long time to develop...

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If you’re reading these words, you’re breathing—and probably not thinking too much of it. We do this naturally, of course, to make sure our bodies get the oxygen they need to survive. You can, however, learn to breathe in certain ways to re-energize and restore your body and mind. These controlled...

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Ocean surf
This minute of meditation offers a calming view of the ocean waves. Take in the soothing movement of the water and the sound of the surf for the next 60 seconds.

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