Canyon Ranch Editorial Policy

Canyon Ranch provides online educational content in the areas of Health & Healing, Food & Nutrition, Fitness & Movement, Mind & Spirit and Whole Beauty. The health practitioners at Canyon Ranch have carefully vetted the content to ensure it meets the high scientific standards that have been a part of Canyon Ranch’s daily practice for more than 30 years.

Content Creation and Review Process

All content is created by Canyon Ranch’s health practitioners, editorial team and contributing journalists; all journalists and editors have a depth of experience in health and wellness.  The author of each piece of content is clearly marked at the top of the article. A “Canyon Ranch Staff” byline indicates the content was produced by one or more members of the Canyon Ranch editorial team.

Prior to publication, all content is edited multiple times for accuracy and readability with final review by a credentialed Canyon Ranch practitioner for clinical accuracy. The reviewer (with a link to his/her bio) is listed on each piece of content.

Editorial Sources and Content Updates

All topics are supported by evidence-based medicine, healthcare best practices and the experience of Canyon Ranch practitioners. Some content includes information sourced from Canyon Ranch educational resources (books, lectures, practitioner interviews, workshops, etc.) Reference lists are included at the bottom of each article; all non-Canyon Ranch resources used to support the article are listed. All outside sources are primary and, when appropriate, peer-reviewed.

Canyon Ranch practitioner comments and quotes included in content reflect their professional opinions and perspectives, and thus are not further sourced.

An article’s date of publication and/or update is clearly marked at the top of its page. Content is updated by the Canyon Ranch editorial team on an ongoing basis, as necessary. Though Canyon Ranch does not guarantee the accuracy due to the constantly changing nature of scientific research, we are dedicated to keeping the information on as up-to-date as possible.

We carefully select trusted third party websites when providing external links. Canyon Ranch is not responsible for changes to or functionality of external website content. Does Not Provide Medical Advice

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This content does not replace the advice of a health professional.


Advertising Policy does not accept advertising.

Canyon Ranch may distribute content on other websites. Advertising found adjacent to Canyon Ranch content on partner websites is not under the control of Canyon Ranch, nor should the adjacency or association be considered an endorsement of the advertised product or service by Canyon Ranch.