Restorative Touch Therapies

Not simply an indulgence of the senses, massage therapy is a valuable component of a well-rounded health care regimen. It can relieve chronic pain, elevate mood and reduce the negative effects of stress.

Canyon Ranch Massage

Indulgent and uniquely relaxing, our signature full-body massage stimulates circulation and soothes tight muscles. Our gifted therapists adapt their eclectic techniques to your particular needs and preferences. Tension dissolves, leaving only comfort and well-being behind.

  • $150 for 50 minutes
    $240 for 80 minutes
    $300 for 100 minutes
A Slice of Heaven ...The Ultimate Massage!
Four hands work in opposing motions to double your relaxation and create a beautifully customized experience. As you experience the unique sensation, your mind has no choice but to surrender to this ultimate massage indulgence.
  • $270 for 50 minutes
    $460 for 80 minutes
Authentic Aromatherapy Treatment

Experience the subtle yet profound effects of this customized treatment through pure botanical essences. Combined with a choreographed massage designed to enhance the benefits, this unique service uses clinically proven oils to address your every need. Please do not wear makeup.

  • $175 for 50 minutes
    $270 for 80 minutes
Blissful Floating Massage

Feel stress and tension float away with a treatment to quiet the mind and soothe the body. This fully supported warm-water experience takes place in a Watsu® pool. You’ll receive gentle massage, energy balancing and range-of-motion therapy for your joints. You may experience a deep, dreamlike meditative state that will leave you feeling rested, relaxed and renewed. Swimwear required.

  • $175 for 50 minutes
Canyon Stone Massage

Smooth, rounded basalt stones are gently heated and used by the therapist as extensions of his or her hands. The weight and radiant heat of the stones combined with a calming essential oil penetrates muscle tissue, inducing deep relaxation without overheating.

  • $300 for 100 minutes
Hands, Feet & Scalp

If a full-body massage is not for you, try this relaxing treatment. The hands, feet and scalp are rich in nerve endings and acupressure points, yet they are often neglected. Begin with a luscious aromatherapy scalp massage, followed by nurturing massage for your hardworking hands and feet.

  • $150 for 50 minutes
Head, Neck & Shoulders

Give your stiff neck and tight shoulders a break and you’ll feel better all over. This focused massage releases tension and restores comfort to this typically tense area. (Not a full-body massage.)

  • $150 for 50 minutes

Experience a classic revitalizing therapy that stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems using the natural physical effects of water on the body. This treatment is performed in our highly specialized hydrotherapy tub using powerful water pressure and special massage techniques. Appropriate oils and sea products are dissolved in the water to stimulate and encourage muscle relaxation. Swimwear required.

  • $175 for 45 minutes
Lymphatic Treatment

Extremely light, sequenced strokes stimulate the movement of lymphatic fluid, thereby cleansing the body. Excellent for reducing pain, fluid retention, chronic inflammation, sinus conditions, headaches and sprains.

  • $150 for 50 minutes
    $240 for 80 minutes
    $300 for 100 minutes
Prenatal Massage

Our classic Canyon Ranch Massage is adapted to provide complete comfort and safety for both of you. Your therapist will massage your muscles with a refreshing blend of oils formulated especially for pregnant women.

  • $150 for 50 minutes
Tranquil Sleep Treatment

Quiet your mind, calm your nerves and soothe your senses in this relaxing experience designed to help prepare you for restful sleep. Serene sounds and sleep-inducing aromas are combined with breathing techniques and a variety of massage styles to transform tension into tranquility. Extra attention is given to your feet and head to create a state of ease, allowing body and mind to rest soundly.

  • $320 for 100 minutes
Take-Home Techniques for Two

Learn how to treat each other to massage. You’ll learn simple, easy-to-learn techniques and proper body mechanics, so you and your partner can share the nurturing, relaxing, therapeutic benefits of massage anytime, anywhere.

  • $300 for 100 minutes
Massage for Two
Ask about receiving your massages together. Share the relaxing, therapeutic benefits of the massage experience with someone special.
  • fees vary