Body Treatments & Scrubs

Luxurious products and soothing techniques create ultimate pampering for your skin.

Anti-Aging Body Treatment

This science-based body treatment delivers a powerful combination of vitamins A, C, E and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) to help alleviate sun damage while strengthening, exfoliating and hydrating skin. Expect beautiful results!

  • $180 for 50 minutes
Conditioning Body Scrubs

These full-body exfoliating treatments leave your skin feeling soft and velvety smooth all over. Each scrub includes an exfoliation, refreshing shower and an application of moisturizer. Choose the natural ingredients most beneficial to your skin. 

Seasonal Scrub – Delight in an exfoliating and moisturizing treatment designed for the season. Call your Program Advisor at Ext. 4338 for details.
Mango Sugar Glo – A light sugar exfoliation and excellent moisturizer for sensitive skin.
Salt Scrub – Salt crystals harvested in the islands on the South Atlantic coastline, unrefined and enriched with health-enhancing minerals – highly exfoliating and moisturizing.

  • $165 for 50 minutes
Crystal Body Treatment

Experience a treatment that brings your skin to a silky restorative glow. Using triple-action antioxidant vitamins and microcrystals to deeply exfoliate and stimulate, we instantly reveal smoother, healthier and more beautiful skin. You’ll be radiant.
Note: Not for sensitive skin

  • $285 for 50 minutes
Silky Smooth Body Treatment
Buff away your stress with this gentle yet effective treatment designed to promote circulation, exfoliate dry skin and moisturize with powerful omegas, keeping your skin nourished allday long. It’s the super-food your skin needs to keep it firm and elastic.
  • $250 for 80 minutes
Ultra-Moisturizing Treatment

Delight in the soothing, therapeutic effects of these memorable body treatments performed in our Spa Suite. Both treatments begin with light exfoliation followed by the application of a luxurious moisturizer. Finally, you float weightless in our blissful Soft-Pack System envelopment bed while your skin’s thirst is quenched by the pure, softening crème of your choice.

Goat Butter Crème – Yes, goat butter. This rich natural moisturizer contains important anti-inflammatory vitamins, fats and trace elements that protect, nourish and regenerate the skin. You’ll emerge feeling smooth and silky all over.
Warm Vanilla Float – Better than dessert! This luscious grape-seed-oil-based vanilla body butter, added to the goat butter crème, is deliciously moisturizing and full of antioxidants.

  • $175 for 50 minutes
Ultra-Moisturizing Treatment For Two

Indulge in an unforgettable couple’s treatment with two therapists. Begin with a light exfoliation and wet loofah scrub, then rinse in a Swiss shower or enjoy a relaxing soak – your choice. While one of you receives a relaxing massage, the other is lavished with either Goat Butter Crème or Warm Vanilla Float – whichever you prefer – and cradled in our amazing Soft-Pack System envelopment bed. Then you trade places.

  • $620 for 100 minutes
After Sun Treatment
Too much time in the sun? We have the soothing solution. The ingredients used in this healing wrap – moisturizing dilo nut oil from Fiji, vitamins A, B, C and E and pure aloe vera – soothe skin that’s damaged, dry and sensitive due to exposure to sun and wind, lack of hydration and other factors. It’s also a great moisturizing treatment for healing, repairing and calming all types of skin.
  • $165 for 50 minutes