Body Rituals

Experience a multifaceted approach to well-being, blending therapeutic and healing properties that nourish the skin, soothe muscles and awaken the senses.

Desert Ritual

Treat yourself to this all-inclusive indulgence. Rejuvenate your skin and serenade your senses with these native resources from the Sonoran Desert. Cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate with white sage, prickly pear and honey. Soak in a bath infused with saguaro blossoms, aloe and jojoba. A perfect blend of indulgence and therapeutic benefit, this treatment concludes with a full-body massage to leave you refreshed and softened.

  • $320 for 100 minutes
Detoxifying Ritual

Retreat into a ritual of heat and pure scent for an intense therapeutic transformation based on the skin care practices of the traditional hammam bathhouse. You’ll be intensely cleansed with Moroccan mint tea and silt purifier, and vigorously scrubbed with coffee, olive stones and fresh lemons. A rich rhassoul clay will then be applied to draw out impurities. You’ll recharge with quince and orange blossoms and then have all this goodness sealed in with warming curative essences of cardamom, jasmine, bergamot, amber and clove. Concludes with a massage.

  • $320 for 100 minutes
Euphoria Ritual

Enter into a euphoric state of being in this elegant body treatment designed to calm the nervous system and relax the mind. Your journey begins with a sage compress for your face and an aromatherapy scalp massage. After your therapist applies a warm botanical body masque and then gently buffs it away, you’ll be immersed in a soaking tub with our specially designed aromatherapy blend. Concludes with a massage.

  • $320 for 100 minutes
Nature's Anti-Aging Ritual

In this powerful treatment based on Finnish traditions, your skin is nourished and cleansed with organic milk, exfoliated with bioactive peat enzymes and ripe, antioxidant-rich Arctic cloudberries. Then your lymphatic system is stimulated by a phytonutrient wrap followed by an ionizing mist. Your treatment gets to the depth of the muscles using Arctic berry extracts and oils of cypress and birch to increase circulation and vitality. Concludes with a massage.

  • $320 for 100 minutes