Massage Therapy & Body Treatments

Massage Therapy and Body Spa Treatments

Massage is the ultimate in healthy pleasures. Our superb massage staff, experts in techniques ranging from Ashiatsu to Reflexology, will give you a massage that satisfies your needs.

These services stimulate circulation, relieve muscle tension and promote deep relaxation.  Close your eyes and indulge in our signature body treatments, traditional and modern Asian massages and restorative touch therapies.

Follow these tips to get maximum enjoyment and rejuvenation from your massage.

Traditional and modern Asian massage and bodywork techniques utilize the energetic pathways in the body known in China as meridians.

These modern therapies use knowledge and techniques that have been around for centuries.

Ayurveda is the traditional healing system of India – one of the world’s oldest.

Ah, massage. When the body relaxes, it heals – so enjoy!

Make your Canyon Ranch Massage even more unforgettable.

Experience a multifaceted approach to well-being, that nourishes the skin, soothes muscles and awakens the senses.

Luxurious products and soothing techniques create the ultimate treatment for your skin.

Experience the warm, muscle-melting embrace of a therapeutic body wrap.

Get the glow of health without sun damage.