Healthy Feet

Give your feet the care they deserve, alleviate pain, and find solutions to problems with these comforting, revitalizing services. Your feet – and the rest of your body – will thank you. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

Foot Rescue! Pedicure
This therapeutic, invigorating pedicure begins with a soothing foot bath in herbal salts to refresh and relax the feet. Our technicians will focus on the three C’s of wear and tear – calluses, corns and cracked dry skin. The health of your feet and nails will be restored. Includes polish, if desired.
  • $75 for 50 minutes
Instant Relief

This treatment is designed to help alleviate painful symptoms associated with conditions such as plantar fasciitis (heel or arch pain), sore Achilles tendons, Morton’s neuroma, shin splints or pain in the ball of the foot. Your therapist will tailor your massage to meet your individual needs, improve circulation, reduce inflammation and increase mobility. Relief is on the way! 

  • $165 for 50 minutes
Spring in Your Step

Restore the natural spring in the arches of your feet with a combination of hands-on techniques and percussion vibration. This session will focus on both legs from foot to hip and may be felt throughout your body. For a full-body treatment, see Connective Tissue Rebalancing.

  • $165 for 50 minutes

A treat for your feet with whole-body benefits. A specially trained therapist works on reflex points in the feet using thumb pressure. These points correlate to the individual organs and parts of the body, and activating these reflexes helps improve circulation and promote relaxation.

  • $140 for 50 minutes
    $220 for 80 minutes
    $275 for 100 minutes
Gait & Footwear Analysis
Your feet are subject to enormous forces every day, so small abnormalities can cause big problems. In addition, the wrong shoes can cause pain or injury. Meet with a highly trained foot expert for a complete evaluation of your needs. The review will include a complete video analysis of your gait and a precise assessment of the biomechanics of your feet as you walk across our specialized orthotics mat. Upon completion of the analysis, your foot expert will make recommendations for custom or off-the-shelf orthotics, if indicated, and for the right shoe for you.
  • $50 for 25 minutes