Kristi Cristello, M.Ed., M.S.

Kristi Cristello, M.Ed., M.S. Exercise Physiologist and Life Enhancement Program Wellness Administrator at Canyon Ranch

Exercise Physiologist
Life Enhancement Program Wellness Administrator
Canyon Ranch in Tucson

Kristi joined Canyon Ranch in 2010 with an extensive health and wellness background in both her professional and personal life. The eight years she spent as an active duty Marine taught her the importance of dedication, inner strength, and hard work, which she couples with her two master’s degrees in clinical nutrition and physical education, plus numerous fitness training certifications, to offer guests a thorough and customized plan for optimal health.

In her role within the Life Enhancement Program, Kristi runs several specialized programs and workshops focusing on the prevention of disease through exercise, motivation and adherence. An advocate of making fitness fun, she has special expertise in longevity and exercise, endurance training, resistance training for all ages, exercise as it relates to pregnancy and menopause, and arthritis prevention and therapy.

Kristi enjoys travelling the world and is always looking for new adventures. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, hiking around Mt. Everest, and whitewater rafting in Siberia are just a few of her noteworthy expeditions. Kristi is also an avid runner; she has completed 34 marathons, two 50-mile races, and an Ironman. Always up for challenge, she enjoys any activity that will keep her body, mind and spirit healthy and strong.