Eric Alikpala, M.S.

Eric Alikpala, M.S.  Exercise Physiologist at Canyon Ranch

Exercise Physiologist, Canyon Ranch in Tucson

Eric originally set out to be a bioengineer, but soon after completing his bachelor of arts in applied mechanics he decided to turn his passion for fitness into a career. He received his master’s degree in physical education at San Diego State University, and then completed a second master’s degree in physiological sciences at the University of Arizona.

A member of the Canyon Ranch exercise physiology team for more than 20 years, Eric is certified as an aquatic therapist, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and Burdenko Method Land and Water therapist. Always on the lookout for new modalities that can help improve guests’ functionality, he continues his education through ongoing training at the McKenzie Institute of Corrective Spine Work.

Eric specializes in aquatic therapy and rehabilitation, athletic endurance training, aging and disease states, and exercise for prescription of joint limitations. With patience and a very thorough knowledge of the human body he is able to help guests achieve greater strength and new motivation for a healthier lifestyle.

During his free time Eric can be found participating in triathlons, coaching, reading, and travelling with his daughter. His lifestyle motto is “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice.”