Kevin Barry

Spirit Lodge Provider, Canyon Ranch in Tucson

Kevin has been with Canyon Ranch for over 24 years. He received his degree as a Natural Therapeutic Specialist from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 1987, and is a Licensed Massage Therapist. Kevin began his career with Canyon Ranch as a hiking guide before moving into massage where he is now a senior Hydro-Therapist who opened the hydrotherapy department and co-created rejuvenating waters. Kevin is currently Canyon Ranch’s Spiritual lodge leader.

Kevin specializes in sports medicine, Hydro-therapy, Chinese herbs, and martial arts, and has studied Wing Chunn for 30 years. Kevin enjoys working with other therapists and teaching them about the magic of working with water.

Kevin was raised in a Native family and started going to Pow Wows as a child and started working with medicine men and continues to work with Native teachers. One of Kevin’s life mottos includes “There is no love in hate and no hate in love”. Kevin also suggests that guests at Canyon Ranch get outside and enjoy the nature by hiking, or biking.