Living Community

couple enjoying the bench outside their home

Once you’ve experienced healthy living, you’ll want to live this way always. And you can. The ultimate expression of wellness is now within your reach. It even has an address: Canyon Ranch Living® – Tucson.

For nearly 30 years, the original Canyon Ranch resort has helped transform thousands of lives. Now you can make your home at Canyon Ranch Living – Tucson, a community of renewal and healing, energy and spirit, where you can enjoy all of the vast resources and inspiring natural surroundings of the Ranch at your leisure.

Our Location
Located on more than 200 acres in the iconic Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona, Canyon Ranch health resort in Tucson was once the heart of a large, working cattle ranch, and then, from the ‘30s through the ‘70s, a rustic guest ranch. Sunny weather year-round, clear desert air and immediate access to nearby canyons and to the towering Santa Catalina Mountains – plus incredible facilities – make it a classic spa vacation setting, where hiking, biking, outdoor dining and lounging by the pool are possible year-round.

Just strolling around the stunning grounds, you might get a glimpse of a hummingbird, a roadrunner, or a charming family of quail. You’ll be fascinated by the natural, cultural and historical richness of this much filmed and photographed corner of the world.

Your New Home
Canyon Ranch Living – Tucson is a spectacular mix of brand-new homes and homesites in the final 30-acre parcel of this remarkable property. It’s an exclusive setting that’s both comfortable and inspirational.

To the rest of the world it’s Canyon Ranch. To you it’s home.

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