Healthy Gourmet Dining at Canyon Ranch in Tucson

The dining experience at Canyon Ranch is as lovely, warm and thoughtfully designed as the food itself, with a wealth of healthy choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All meals – with as many courses and helpings as you wish – are included in your stay, so you never have to consider price or wait for the check. In fact, on our menus you’ll find nutritional information in place of prices. Healthy snacks are always available. And whether you choose to enjoy a meal in the Main Dining Room in the Clubhouse, lunch in the nearby Demonstration Kitchen or dine indoors or out at the poolside Double U Café, you’ll find friendly, knowledgeable servers and dozens of tempting options.

Overseeing the culinary programs at all Canyon Ranch properties, Corporate Chef Scott Uehlein is consistently recognized for his creativity and expertise in the development and preparation of healthy, award-winning cuisine.

View our Sample Menus to get a taste of the healthy dining pleasures that await you at Canyon Ranch.

Breakfast Sample Menu
Lunch Sample Menu
Dinner Sample Menu

If you need to know what’s in the food you eat, you’re coming to the right place! Click here for information on Personal Dietary Needs at Canyon Ranch.

Healthy Gourmet Cuisine

Cranberry Chicken Salad

Award-winning Canyon Ranch cuisine raises the culinary bar with gourmet spa cuisine that’s incredibly good for you. Our renowned chefs work with top nutritionists to create abundant, satisfying food. Our delightful resort dining venues are places to celebrate seasonality and share the gastronomic philosophy and flavors of the Mediterranean.

Ranch experts are always mindful of the nutritional content on the plate, keeping a close eye on every detail. And, we encourage our culinary team to “cook with love.” Food is nourishing in more than just the physical sense – it’s meant to be enjoyed and shared. At Canyon Ranch, we’ve done all the work for you. Your job is to relax and love your meal.

Of course, superb dining shouldn’t be reserved for vacations and special occasions. Your Canyon Ranch stay can be the start of healthier eating for life. You'll have plenty of opportunities to develop take-home strategies, try new foods, raise your nutritional intelligence, learn healthy cooking techniques and bring home the recipes you love.

How We Source Our Ingredients

We believe food should be delicious, boldly flavored, simple and above all, a joy – with plenty of fresh, authentic and local ingredients favoring vegetables and whole grains, de-emphasizing but not excluding animal proteins. We choose “clean” foods, including humanely raised hormone- and antibiotic-free meats, grass-fed or grass-finished beef, and sustainably caught or raised seafood.

Canyon Ranch and Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program

We’re proud to partner with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program to support healthy oceans. All of the seafood we serve is fished or farmed in ways that minimize environmental impact. Learn more at seafoodwatch.org.

Our chefs use local and regional organic or pesticide-free fruits and vegetables whenever possible. For the ingredients we cannot obtain locally, we’ll use authentic ones such as extra virgin olive oil, San Marzano tomatoes and imported pasta.

Alcohol Philosophy

Canyon Ranch respects people’s decisions about whether to drink in moderation, as well as their choice of wine, beer or spirits. Canyon Ranch advises that guests with concerns discuss them with their doctors.

Based on a review of current research, the Canyon Ranch position on alcohol is that moderate alcohol consumption may well help many people live longer, healthier lives, but that excessive drinking can lead to health problems. In addition, factors such as genetics and family history of alcohol abuse mean that some individuals are better off avoiding alcohol completely.

Both the Canyon Ranch health resort in Tucson and the Canyon Ranch health resort in Lenox are alcohol-free environments. We do not disapprove of alcohol, and guests are of course free to bring it with them to consume in their rooms. But the resorts are designed to be isolated environments, apart from the world, in which guests can change their habits in just a few days. This “immersion” environment is designed to place people in a new context where they are moved to reflect on existing patterns and choices, and drop, adjust and add new patterns and choices to their lives. We want to present all our resort guests with the healthiest possible choices, so that they can experience how good healthy living makes them feel. They have more opportunity to do that if their perception is unclouded.

At Canyon Ranch SpaClub® properties by contrast, our goal is to bring our lifestyle, our activities and our philosophy into everyday living. Alcohol is served at Canyon Ranch Grill™ at The Venetian® and The Palazzo® in Las Vegas. We offer guests organic, sustainable and biodynamic wines, beers and spirits, and cocktails made with wholesome, homemade mixers.